West of Twin Peaks Central Council


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The West of Twin Peaks Central Council organized in September of 1936 “to bring about cooperation and united action among all the home, civic, and improvement organization in the district known as ‘West of Twin Peaks.’” The Council advocated the construction of Lincoln High, Aptos Middle, and Miraloma Elementary Schools, as well as the West Portal Branch Library and Post Office. Additions to Mt. Davidson and Stern Grove Parks were also a result of their effort. Currently, the Council has delegates from 17 homeowner associations that collectively represent approximately 90,000 San Francisco residents.



Members of the West of Twin Peaks Council pictured here with Mayor Rossi in 1937 in opposition to the proliferation of gas stations in the residential area. “John S. Curran, president of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council, told the Mayor in straight-forward language that continued efforts to rezone the district were sources of ‘constant irritation,’ and would ultimately mean breakup of the district and destruction of its beauty.”

Future Council Presidents: Joseph R. Bisho Jr., President in 1981 and his son, Dave, who serves as President from 1994 to 1996 and 2004 to present, standing in front of their home on 35th Ave between Vicente and Wawona, before moving to St. Francis Woods in 1952. Fourth generation San Franciscan, Dave Bisho, graduates from St. Brendan’s and raises his children in the Westwood Highlands neighborhood on Mount Davidson. (Courtesy Dave Bisho.)


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