Miraloma Park Advertisements


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Meyer Brothers marketed the quiet open space of Miraloma Park, along with furnished units to bring buyers out to see and buy. (Courtesy Miraloma Park Improvement Club.)


Miraloma Park Advertisement 1927. “You will want to see the Kohler Electric Dishwasher and the radio den in the ‘Raleigh’..the charming design and the beautiful furnishings of the Spanish ‘Miraloma’…and the compact convenience of ‘Sunshine Gables’ and the ‘Portola’.”






Miraloma Pictorial Brochure and advertisement in 1940: “individualized” Miraloma homes were selling for as low as $5450 with FHA loans available for $36 a month. Home sales slowed during the Depression. Neighborhood historian, Rosalie Kuwatch, interviewed longtime resident Arthur Roller, who said that existing homeowners who lost their jobs managed to keep their house under a federal agency which extended mortage payments and allowed them to be paid off at a lower monthly rate. One man on Rockdale Drive did not suffer a loss of income,though, as he ran a still in the basement to make whisky during Prohibition. His gas line was connected ahead of the meter, but P.G.&E. had a monitoring device which showed an unusual increase in gas use every night. It was traced to the bootlegger’s house. The police broke up the still and dumped the mash in the backyard.


Rosalie Kuwatch writes in 1984, “Residents who have lived in the community for fifty years still remember with pride a feature about the planned community of Miraloma Park which appeared in the “Home Section” of the San Francisco Chronicle on April 20, 1941. An ad next to the feature announced, ‘How to get a new kind of living – away from noise, the shouts of newsboys, honking horns, and the shriek of brakes of downtown traffic.’ All during the fifteen year building period, Meyer Bros. had a model, decorated by the Emporium, open for showing to prospects.”

1941 Advertisement

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