Miraloma Park Garden Club


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Miraloma Park historian Rosalie Kuwatch writes, “Simultaneous with the establishment of the Improvement Club, the Garden Club was started. It was expected that residents would maintain the landscaping of their property with as much as care as they maintained their homes. At monthly meetings residents learned about the best plants to decorate their home exteriors in an area that was frequently cold, foggy, and windy. Once a year there were prizes awarded for the most attractive landscaping and homeowners were encouraged to put up elaborate lighting displays during the Christmas season. The Garden Club worked closely with the Horticulture School at City College and hired students to design a landscape plan for the clubhouse.” Newspaper article from 1940 and Meyers Brothers advertisement about “backyard farmers”. (Courtesy Miraloma Park Improvement Club.)



Grager garden in 1929. (Courtesy of Miraloma Park Improvement Club.)



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