Miraloma Community Church


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Miraloma Community Church

The Miraloma Community Chruch building proposal brochure stated what many Miraloma families experienced at the time, “In this place we are operating as a Community Church because Miraloma Park is a distinct Community in San Francisco. Emphasis along Denominational lines would tend to weaken and destroy the Community Spirit…This entire Community stands as one whole unit; the Church, the School, the Club.” Fifteen families pledged their personal worth as surety to get the loan to build the church. Miraloma Sunday School at 406 Teresita shown here in 1945. (Courtesy Miraloma Community Church.)




Sketch of proposed church construction by architect, Stanley Davis. (Courtesy Jeanne Davis MacKenzie.)


Miraloma Church construction in March 1951. Deliberately built tall so it could be seen from all around, members call it the friendly church at the foot of the cross. (Courtesy Jeanne Davis MacKenzie.)

Butch Kazerian has lived in Miraloma Park his entire life. The oldest of three children, he went to this church with his mom, Winifred Ziegenhardt Kazarian, as a child, and then came back to be an active member in later years. His dad, Louis Kazarian, owned a grocery store on Third and Bryant Streets with his parents, who were refugees from Armenia. (Courtesy Jeanne Davis MacKenzie.)


Leona Froggatt and Velma Salcido here in 2006. Leona came to San Francisco as a Registered Nurse in 1936. Her husband, Austrailian Wilfred Froggatt, a civil engineer with the Federal Power Commission, came to San Francisco in 1910. They raised two daughters in the home they bought on Marietta Drive in 1938. Kentucky born, Velma came to San Francisco to join her sister and decided to stay. She married Joe Salcido, an employee of the city’s public works department, in 1945, when they moved to Miraloma Park to raise their daughter, Jan. The Salcidos were one of the families who financially supported the building of the church.(Courtesy Jeanne Davis MacKenzie.)



Howard and Hazel Yuen moved to Myra Way in 1960. Howard was born in Grass Valley and Hazel is from Stockton, California. Their two daughters and son attended local schools and participated in the Boy and Girl Scout programs.(Courtesy Jeanne Davis MacKenzie.)

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